Buddhist Monks Arrive on Croisette for 'Dalai Lamas' Film (Cannes 2011)

Peace Through Knowledge campaign includes cocktail receptions, conferences.

Dreaming of escaping the Croisette craziness to sniff essential oils and gather with Tibetan monks chanting Buddhist hymns? Lucky for you, Lotus Productions is bringing its Peace Through Knowledge campaign to the Croisette for an event series to promote their film Search -- Past and Future of the Dalai Lamas complete with chanting Tibetan monks and peaceful cocktail receptions and conferences starting on Wednesday.

Search is produced by Lotus' Manuel Collas de la Roche and directed by Eric Valli from a screenplay by Jean-Claude Carriere and Pierre Grillet. The film has the official support of the Nobel peace prize-winning 14th Dalai Lama, and mixes interviews with the spiritual leader, as well as documentary footage and fictional material to talk about the Dalai Lama's 14 reincarnations.

The Peace Through Knowledge Campaign teams Lotus Productions with Olfact Jewelry of Geneva and the Free IT Foundation and will launch during the fest. From Wednesday through Friday nights, festgoers can leave their office ranting for chanting at exclusive concerts featuring the sacred chants from Buddhist monks and nuns arriving directly from Tibet complete with cocktail receptions and a jewelry expo from Olfact complete with essential oil-filled jewels. On Saturday, the monks and nuns will lead a procession from the Hotek Martinez to the Martinez beach pier where they will offer sacred sand to the sea. The theme of the events is "peace, compassion and tolerance," all values to keep in mind during the fest's frenetic days.

"We hope that many people will come to receive a positive message in this crazy world," Collas de la Roche said. "We made a movie about the Dalai Lamas so why not bring 10 Tibetan monks to the Festival de Cannes?"