Buenos Aires Film Fest Appoints New Director

Javier Porta Fouz - Publicity - S 2016
Courtesy of Javier Porta Fouz

Javier Porta Fouz - Publicity - S 2016

Film critic Javier Porta Fouz takes the lead after seating as programmer.

Film critic Javier Porta Fouz has been tapped as the new director of the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival, one of the main film events in Latin America, set to run April 13–24.

A former editor-in-chief at El Amante magazine and a film critic for La Nacion newspaper, Porta Fouz had been part of the fest's programming staff for several years.

His appointment comes amidst a general shuffle of Buenos Aires cultural offices, following a presidential and state election won by right-wing liberal party PRO. 

"My idea is to add as much diversity as possible, to make the notion of 'festival film' expand and become a term as varied as independent cinema is and has been, all over the world," Porta Fouz said Monday in a statement tweeted by the City's Festival Department of the Ministry of Culture.