Buenos Aires Film Fest Unveils Lineup

Courtesy of Films Boutique
Juan Barberini and Pilar Gamboa in Juan Schnitman's 'The Fire'

BAFICI will feature more than 400 films and honor French cinema, including a focus on main guest Isabelle Huppert.

The 17th edition of the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival (Bafici) announced its full program Friday at a press conference in Buenos Aires, lead by the city’s Minister of Culture Hernan Lombardi and fest director Marcelo Panozzo.

"This 17th edition of Bafici recovers the pulse from the very first editions, in which there was a lot of big names but also an open door into unknown films,” said Panozzo.

“The great achievement of this festival is to have three competitions (Argentine, International, and Avant-Garde and Genre) featuring extraordinarily powerful films,” he added.

Focusing on international off-mainstream production and featuring the latest Argentine art house films, Bafici will officially kick off with the world premiere of local cult director Hugo Santiago’s The Sky of the Centaur, his return to cinema after 13, co-written with Mariano Llinás (Extraordinary Stories).

The international competition slate will feature, among others, Latin American entries from the Rotterdam and Berlin fests such as Juan Schnitman’s The Fire, Laura Citarella and Veronica LlinasDog Lady, and Carlos M. Quintela’s The Project of the Century.

With France as this edition’s honor guest country, festival highlights include focuses on the works of main guest Isabelle Huppert (The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them) and director Pascale Ferran, as well as the South American premiere of Asterix: The Land of the Gods. Other special sections include a Chuck Jones program in Bafici’s children sidebar, Little Bafici, a "Britannia B-Side" focus with films by Luke Fowler and Heavenly Films, and a retrospective of Peruvian cinema.

Bafici’s competition lineup is as follows:


Strange Days  – J. S. Quebrada (Argentina/Colombia, 2015)

The Fire  – Juan Schnitman (Argentina, 2015)

Dog Lady  – Laura Citarella (Argentina, 2015)

The Project of the Century  – Carlos M. Quintela (Argentina/Cuba/Germany/ Switzerland, 2015)

Double Happiness  – Elle Raidel (Austria/China, 2014)

Goodnight Mommy  – Veronica Franz (Austria, 2014)

She Comes Back on Thursday  – André Novais Olivera (Brazil, 2014)

The Romantic Exiles  – Jonás Trueba (Spain, 2015)

Passers-by  – Luis Aller (Spain, 2015)

Songs From the North  – Soon-Mi Yoo (USA/South Korea/Portugal, 2014)

A German Youth  – Jean-Gabriel Périot (France/ Switzerland /Germany, 2015)

Court  – Chaitanya Tamhane (India, 2014)

Atomic Heart  – Ali Ahmadzadeh (Iran, 2015)

Ben Zaken  – Efrat Corem (Israel, 2014)

The Kindergarten Teacher  – Nadav Lapid (Israel/France, 2014)

Theeb  – Naji Abu Nowar (Jordan/UK/UAE/Qatar, 2014)

I Swear I’ll Leave This Town  – Daniel Aragao (Brazil, 2014)

Above and Below  – Nicolas Steiner (Switzerland /Germany, 2015)



To the Center of The Earth  – Daniel Rosenfeld (Argentina/France/The Netherlands/Germany, 2015)

Arribeños  – Marcos Rodríguez (Argentina, 2015)

Embodied Letters  – Julián D’Angiolillo (Argentina, 2015)

Artificial Generation  – Federico Pintos (Argentina, 2015)

Guido Models  – Julieta Sans (Argentina, 2015)

Idyll  – Nicolás Aponte A. Gutter (Argentina, 2015)

Lulú  – Luis Ortega (Argentina, 2015)

Mothers of the Gods  – Pablo Agüero (Argentina/France, 2014)

Mar  – Dominga Sotomayor (Argentina/Chile, 2014)

Miramar  – Fernando Sarquís (Argentina, 2015)

Placer y martirio  – José Celestino Campusano (Argentina, 2015)

Bring Back Rock  – Santiago Charriere (Argentina, 2015)

The Princess of France  – Matías Piñeiro (Argentina, 2014)

The Shadow  – Javier Olivera (Argentina, 2015)

All the Time in the World  – Rosendo Ruiz (Argentina, 2015)

Victoria  – Juan Villegas (Argentina, 2015)



#Single: Girl Behind the Camera  – Paula Schargorodsky (Argentina/USA/Spain, 2015)

Victoria  – Sebastian Schipper (Alemania, 2015)

New Dubai  – Gustavo Vinagre (Brazil, 2014)

Seth’s Dominion  – Luc Chamberland (Canada, 2014)

Withe Death  – Roberto Collío (Chile, 2014)

Everlasting Love  – Marçal Forés (Spain, 2014)

Here and in Other Time  – Ramón Lluís Bande (Spain, 2014)

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night  – Ana Lily Amirpour (USA, 2014)

The Iron Ministry  – J. P. Sniadecki (USA/China, 2014)

Queen of Earth  – Alex Ross Perry (USA, 2015)

The Royal Road  – Jenni Olson (USA, 2015)

Single Stream  – Pawel Wojtasik (USA, 2014)

Starry Eyes  – Kevin Kolsch y Dennis Widmyer (USA, 2014)

World of Tomorrow  – Don Hertzfeld (USA, 2015)

Crumbs  – Miguel Llansó (Ethiopia/Spain/Finland, 2015)

Léone, Mother & Son  – Lucile Chaufour (Francia, 2014)

Letters to Max  – Eric Baudelaire (France, 2014)

Madelaine and The Two Apaches  – Christelle Lheureux (France, 2014)

Near Death Experience  – Benoite Delépine y Gustave Kervern (France, 2014)

Wonderfuld World End  – Diego Matsui (Japan, 2015)

Ming of Harlem: Twenty-One Storeys in The Air  – Philipe Warnell (UK/Belgium/ USA, 2014)

Prose of the Trans Siberian  – David Epiney (Switzerland, 2014)