"What's the Sitch?": 10 Weird Phrases Popularized by 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

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'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

On Sarah Michelle Gellar's 38th birthday, THR rounds up the top phrases the hit '90s show taught viewers.

It's been over a decade since Sarah Michelle Gellar retired from fighting evil, but she'll always be remembered as Buffy Summers, the character she played on the hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer for seven seasons.

To commemorate the actress' 38th birthday, THR rounds up 10 phrases — or, as Buffy fans endearingly call them, "Buffyisms" — the late '90s show popularized in the American lexicon. It's time to brush up on some slayer slang. (Click the links below to hear a snippet of the phrase used on the show.)

1. "Wig out" - to become hysteric, anxious or creeped out; can also be used as "wiggy," "wigged," "the wiggins," etc.
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In episode nine of season one ("The Puppet Show," 1997), Buffy refers to an encounter with a dummy as something that gave her "the wig." "They give me the wig. Ever since I was little," she says when asked if she thinks dummies are cute.

2. "Sitch" - short for the word "situation"
Xander uses the term during a conversation he has in episode one of season one ("Welcome to the Hellmouth," 1997). "What's the sitch? What do you know about her?" he asks a friend about Buffy, introduced in the series as the new girl in town.

3. "Vamped out" - to become or look like a vampire
In episode 16 of season three ("Doppelgangland," 1999), Willow gets "vamped out" when she transforms into a vampire.

4. "Unlife" - life for a vampire
Spike recounts a breakup with an ex-lover, during which he says, "Yeah, I've got an unlife, you know!" in episode eight of season three ("Lovers Walk," 1998).

5. "Dateville" - the early dating stages of a relationship
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Buffy teases Xander about entering "dateville" with Willow in episode four of season two ("Inca Mummy Girl," 1997).

6. "Geeker joy" - the feeling of happiness Willow, Buffy's nerdy but lovable friend played by Alyson Hannigan, often experiences
Click to listen. In episode 11 of season two ("Ted," 1997), Willow squeals with joy about getting a free hardware upgrade, and Xander explains, "That's the sound she makes when she's speechless with geeker joy."

7. "The wacky" - used to describe something crazy
Click to listen. "Love makes you do the wacky," says Buffy in episode two of season two ("Some Assembly Required," 1997).

8. "Five by five" - the state of feeling neutral, absence of pain
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In episode three of season three ("Faith, Hope & Trick," 1998), Faith warns a human-werewolf, "As long as you don't go scratching at me or humping my leg, we're five by five."

9. "Ubersuck" - used to describe a major bummer
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Buffy uses the term "ubersuck" to complain about having to house an exchange student in her home in episode four of season two ("Inca Mummy Girl," 1997).

10. "Carbon-dated" - used to describe something way out of date
Buffy refers to someone's out-of-date sense of style as "carbon-dated" in episode eight of season four ("Pangs," 1999).