Tribeca: Bulgari to Debut Short Films by Female Filmmakers

Bulgari Tribeca Film Festival Female Filmmakers - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Bulgari

For the second year in a row, the fashion house will partner with Tribeca Studios to debut two short films by women artists.

Just ahead of the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, Tribeca Studios and Bulgari (the fest’s official jeweler since 2018, with a history of draping everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Sharon Stone and Olivia Wilde in its designs) have once again joined forces for a short film series.

Building on the collaboration that kicked off last year with films by female filmmakers Nina Meredith and Bella Monticelli inspired by the resilience of women, the partnership continues this year with films by Rosie Haber and Savanah Leaf that spotlight women who are removing limitations and changing cultural standards in male-dominated arenas. 

Los Angeles-based Haber’s Celestial follows the 2018 Emmy finalist Eliza McNitt as she pursues her chosen field of virtual reality in film with a new record-breaking VR installation. And in The 4th Wave, Leaf focuses on Italian rapper Alessandra Prete, also known as Priestess, as she attempts to break into the American music scene.

“Bulgari is known for celebrating and appealing to strong, independent women who blaze their own path,” president of Bulgari North America Daniel Paltridge told The Hollywood Reporter. “Therefore, we want to highlight stories of extraordinary women who embody these qualities and deliver a powerful message about breaking boundaries and shattering norms. This year we shine a spotlight on the next generation of female artists who are daring to redefine, or in the case of Eliza to even begin to define, the future of their medium.”

Both films will play at the Tribeca Film Festival, which is scheduled to run April 24-May 5 in New York. On the eve of the fest's opening date, Bulgari and Vanity Fair are set to co-host a cocktail party where guests can view the films and sit in on a larger panel discussion.