'Bully' Gets Another PG-Rating From Canadian Movie Censors

Mike Yarish/FOX

The conservative province of Alberta has followed British Columbia in imposing no age restriction on the upcoming documentary about U.S. school bullying.

TORONTO – Those schoolyard expletives in Bully still haven’t fazed Canadian censors.

Conservative Alberta on Friday became the second Canadian province to give the Lee Hirsch documentary about an epidemic of U.S. school bullying a PG-rating.

The favorable rating follows neighboring British Columbia also giving local distributor Alliance Films a PG-rating, even as the MPAA handed the controversial documentary an R-rating to restrict the teen audience the film is trying to reach.

The Alberta censors included a parental guidance warning, indicating themes or content in Bully “may not be suitable for all children.”

At the same time, the western Canadian province slapped no age restriction on the film.

Canadian movie ratings are set by individual provinces, and local censors have traditionally been more tolerant than the MPAA about profane language and other possibly offending movie content. 

The period drama The King’s Speech similarly earned an early R rating in the U.S. owing to instances of foul language, even as the Oscar-winning movie received a PG-rating in Canada.

Other provincial censors are expected to rate Bully in the coming days, ahead of the film opening in Canadian theaters on April 6.

Hirsch’s film screened at the 2011 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival in Toronto.