'Bully' Petition Secures 200,000 Signatures; Will Be Delivered to MPAA Wednesday

Lee Hirsch/The Weinstein Company

One week after a reported 75,000 people had signed the public plea to overturn the doc's R-rating, the appeal has gained another 125,000 supporters.

In a matter of one week, the petition initiated by high school student Katy Butler has amassed an additional 125,000 signatures. Butler, a victim of bullying herself, contested the MPAA's ruling that the Lee Hirsch documentary, Bully, be given an R-rating, claiming that the decision would prevent "American teenagers from seeing a movie that literally could save thousands of lives."

Butler wasn't the only voice to speak out against the documtary's contentious rating; Harvey Weinstein himself argued against the ruling in a hearing two weeks ago. The head of The Weinstein Company-- one of the film's key distributors-- made recent claims that he considered parting ways with the Motion Pictures Association of America for neglecting to recognize the importance of younger audiences being able to access the film.

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At 10 AM PT on Wednesday, Butler will hand deliver several boxes containing the signatures of the petition's 200,000 supporters to the Los Angeles office of the MPAA.

This comes little over one week after the deadly high school shooting in Chardon, Ohio. The shooter, a possible victim himself of bullying, has since been charged with three juvenile counts of aggravated murder.