Controversial Brit Horror Film ‘The Bunny Game’ Heads to Germany, Scandinavia

British censors have refused to certify the abduction horror tale, blocking its release in the U.K..

Los Angeles – British audiences might not be able to watch Adam Rehmeier’s extreme horror tale The Bunny Game but fans in Germany and Scandinavia will get a peek after Jinga Films closed deals for the film at AFM.

Jinga sold German rights to The Bunny Game to DVD group Illusion Unlimited while Njuta took Scandinavian rights.

The film stars Rodleen Getsic as a drug-addicted hooker held captive in the desert by a deranged trucker, played by Jeff Renfo. The British Board of Film Classification last month refused to classify The Bunny Game, meaning the film can not be released in the U.K. by local distributor Trinity Entertainment.