Burberry Beauty's Wendy Rowe on Fall's Makeup Must-Haves, Sienna Miller's Red Lip

Sienna Miller at the 'Foxcatcher' New York premiere.

The celeb beauty guru responsbile for the dewy, red-lip looks rocked by the likes of Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne, dishes her insider tips and makeup crushes.

When it comes to achieving that timeless, classically British beauty look, there's no one better for the job than London-based makeup artist Wendy Rowe. That's why the celeb makeup artist is the ideal artistic consultant for Burberry Beauty as the brand looks to revamp and expand its makeup repertoire.

Having worked with some of Hollywood's favorite British exports, including Sienna Miller, Suki Waterhouse and freshly minted actress Cara Delevingne, in addition to domestic favorites like Kate Hudson and Karlie Kloss, Rowe is the master of the effortless beauty and the Burberry girl's coveted, dewy glow.

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The effervescent Rowe doesn't hold back her enthusiasm for the product ("The thing is I make it, so I make everything I want and I love it all."). In fact, she's so passionate about the new line that she even offered this journalist a mini-makeover: "Do you want to try the Contour Pen? Can I change your world?" (For the record, the velvety Contour Pen, which she claims is "[Delevingne]'s absolute favorite", is indeed a creamy and easy-to-apply alternative to heavy powders or streaky liquids.) 

In preparation for Burberry's new slate of products hitting shelves this fall, Pret-a-Reporter sat down with the beauty guru at the brand's Beverly Hills store to talk makeup crushes and fall's must-haves. 

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How do you merge Hollywood glam and classic British style and find the happy medium between L.A. and London?

You have to look at everything as a whole. You can’t just think about the face. You have to think about the hair and the outfit, because it’s all going to make a difference. If scrape the hair back and you do a red lip or you put it to the side like a boy or something — like we did for the Foxcatcher look we did with Sienna [Miller], and we had the red lip and the false lashes — and she had a little crop top on, and that kind of worked. It was sophisticated but cool. And the thing is you have to think about everything, don’t just think about makeup. Think about what you’re going to do with your hair and what you’re going to wear. Because it makes a massive difference.


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How do you get a feel for that head-to-look? 

Just remember that no one is going to get [very close]. And that’s what you should do when you’re looking in the mirror. No one’s going to be in that personal space. So I think, if you use our makeup, it will fall into the right places in the face. You kind of work with your own bone structure. It’s not as difficult as you think it is — don't try too hard. If it’s blendable, like the Contour Pen, it’s always going to look all right. You can get away with it. Because you’re not doing something that’s really structured and symmetrical.

You’re supposed to go out and have everyone say, “Oh my God, you look amazing.” Not like, “Oh my God I love your makeup.”  Because that to me means “Oh, I have too much on.” They can say, “Oh I love your eyes,” but you don’t want them to say, “Oh I love your foundation.” 

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What’s the best way to transition summer makeup to fall?

I think it’s more about the foundation and skincare. You’re always going to get lighter in the fall, so I think it’s kind of nice to pick up your skin with the Fresh Glow Golden Radiance ($48) because it picks up a little bit, because you can get a bit dull in the winter. And everyone just looks a bit sullen, so it’s easy to just pick it up a little bit. It’s not a massive difference — you won’t ever look like, “Oh my God she’s been on holiday — she’s got a really brown face and white hands.” But, you just feel like it just lifts it a little bit. And you have a bit of a bit of shine like you would have on, like in summer. Like a glow about you. So I think that’s always good.

Who has their makeup right all the time?

Kate Hudson I do quite a lot. I think she gets it right a lot of the time. Not just when I do her, but I think she gets it right and I like her. She’s got that relaxed attitude about her.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Cara [Delevingne] — I think she’s looking great at the moment. Good for her. She’s worked hard as a model, God, we worked her into the ground. And I think Suki [Waterhouse] looks great, she’s kind of kooky but I like that.


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What three products do you have to have at all times?

Well I’d definitely have my Contour Pen. I have to have that. If I forgot that it’s a massive disaster for me. It's just something you can chuck in your bag, because you know what? It needs to be easy.

And the Sheer Luminous Concealer ($40). That’s a must-have, too. And then — ‘cause I’m all about eyes — a brown Effortless Kohl Pencil ($30). Also, I like a nude lipstick, like the Burberry Kisses Lipstick in nude beige ($33), too. I can’t choose just three, so I guess I’m not much help there.