Burberry Receives a Warm Welcome on Rodeo Drive

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BURBERRY BUDDIES: Mario Testino, left, and Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey, CEO of Burberry, even has a shiny plaque to prove it

It's official: Beverly Hills received a touch of British charm on Wednesday night, as Burberry was honored with the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style gold plaque, which famed fashion photographer Mario Testino (a previous recipient of the award) presented to Burberry CEO Christopher Bailey.

"We're almost 160 years old, and we've had a presence in Los Angeles since the 1920s, but never have we had such a magnificent home on Rodeo Drive, the most iconic street in the world," Bailey explained to guests — including Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman, designer Gela Nash Taylor and Duran Duran's John Taylor, and Armani's Wanda McDaniel — of Burberry's new Beverly Hills flagship, which opened its doors earlier this month. "It merges fashion with film and creativity, which is at the heart of what we do, and this is what this store is a celebration of."

"It's a very special home for the brand, and it all seemed to happen so fast. I knew the former occupants and knew the potential of this corner," Bailey told Pret-a-Reporter after the ceremony. "And it's great to have this structure in the home of the movies. Burberry has had many, many trench coats in many films!"

Testino, a longtime collaborator of the luxury label, finds that "there are so many moments of magic with the people" he photographs for the British brand. Among one of the most memorable moments, he told us, was "when we shot Cara Delevingne and Eddie Redmayne for the first time because people didn't know Cara or Eddie at the time." Much like the innovative, tech-driven ideas presented for its fashion shows and campaigns, Burberry is one step ahead of the curve with choosing rising stars as its ambassadors, too.

As the 22nd receipt of the distinguished award, Burberry joins a celebrated group of past honorees including award-winning costume designer Catherine Martin, and designers Valentino Garavani, Manolo Blahnik and Tom Ford. During the ceremony, the City Council also proclaimed Nov. 19 as Burberry Day in Beverly Hills.

Before attendees headed to the three-story store for cocktails, Bailey concluded, "We have been so warmly welcomed by everybody in this city. … We hope to continue to make you proud." And we have no doubt you will.

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