Burgeoning Mezcal Label El Silencio Finds Viral Success in Latest Marketing Push

Courtesy of El Silencio
Jeremy Piven in 'Share the Silence'

The Los Angeles-based spirit, recently aligned with 'Entourage' star Jeremy Piven, rolls out an ambitious video spot as its distribution footprint grows.

A-list affection and a little extra capital, on their own, are more than any up-and-coming brand could ask for — but young Los Angeles-based mezcal label El Silencio recently had the very good fortune of getting both with one new partnership.

The two-year-old spirits house, based out of Santa Monica and distilling in the smoky hub of Oaxaca's agave fields, recently added Entourage and Mr. Selfridge star Jeremy Piven as an investor. And for the brand's first big video, a minute-long spot that aims to spread El Silencio's carefree messaging online, Piven opened up the doors to his beachfront Malibu home.

"For me, it wasn't an appearance," Piven recently told The Hollywood Reporter in the midst of promoting the Entourage movie. "This was my house, my band, my friends, my music...the way that I truly like to celebrate a good summer day."

Produced by marketing firm memBrain, the clip does not rely heavily on Piven — though he is seen playing drums with Bad Decisions bandmates Todd Morse and Jaco Caraco. Instead, it focuses on other revelers (and their drinks) who seem to fit the lifestyle El Silencio is keen to have associated with its tequila alternative.

"When El Silencio came onto my radar last year, it just made sense," explains Piven. "I get to be a part of something I really enjoy in a meaningful way and of course get to share it with everyone. This partnership is not about [an] endorsement. It's about working together to create a brand and product we can all be proud of at the end of the day."

El Silencio hasn't been on anyone's radar for terribly long. It was just two years ago that its artisan mezcal hit shelves in Los Angeles. But distribution is up triple digits. It's stocked in influential bars (Hollywood hotspot Harlowe or power dinner hub Pistola, to name a few), a second bottle (Espadin) with a lower price point is now on the market and the El Silencio name has migrated well beyond its original borders. El Silencio sells throughout California, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C. and, as of late, Arizona. The brand has also set its eye on New York and Texas.

In April, El Silencio took its annual pilgrimage down to the Mexican state where it distils and bottles, bringing staff, select bartenders and a few journalists (including this one) along for the celebration — which included a Top Chef caliber cocktail competition in which bartenders attempted to come up with new signature concoctions. It followed a year and a half of aggressive advertisement at entertainment properties that saw El Silencio aligned with a slew of Grammy, Golden Globe, Oscar and Coachella events.

The events and the video carry El Silencio's "Share the Silence" tagline. But that enigmatic silence clearly isn't the only thing drinkers are sharing. Within two weeks of its late-May release, the spot has already amassed more than 1 million views on YouTube.