Burger King Cuts Mascot

Evan Agostini/Getty Images

The masked king will be dethroned for a healthier ad campaign.

The king is dead.
Fast food giant Burger King is putting its current mascot, the masked king character, into retirement in hopes of creating a fresher image. Burger King hopes to improve suffering sales by turning ad campaigns back to mothers, instead of focusing on the teenage market.
A new campaign launching this weekend will announce the roll out of the California Whopper, which features guacamole, and the return of the Breakfast Croissan'wich, according the USA Today.
The new commercials for the California Whopper will reportedly take the fast-food brand in a new direction, featuring just the sounds and sites of fresh ingredients being prepared for the burger.
"People want a reason to go back to Burger King," Alex Macedo, senior marketing vice president, told USA Today. "There are no plans to bring the King back anytime soon.” Macedo also said the they plan to spend the next year fixing the food, modernizing stores and updating its image.
Burger King’s new image comes as a result of new leadership, and a new ad agency, McGarryBowen. "We're re-igniting the latent feeling that people have about Burger King," Gordon Bowen, chief creative officer at McGarryBowen, said.

The king mascot first made its TV debut in 2004, with a commercial promoting Burger King's breakfast items, inwhich a man awoke in his bed to find his partner was a king with an oversized head. This king character was a revival of the king character that was used by the brand in the 1970s.