Burst pipe damages Newman's new restaurant


WESTPORT, Conn.-- Frigid weather most likely caused a pipe to burst in Paul Newman's new restaurant, damaging part of the dining room and forcing the restaurant to close for repairs, fire officials said.

A cracked sprinkler pipe damaged the rear dining room early Monday. Firefighters were called to the 128-seat restaurant about 1 a.m. and found water flowing from the ceiling.

"Obviously we're a little irritated and frustrated," said co-owner and chef Michel Nischan. "We were really on a nice little roll there."

Nischan said the water caused mostly cosmetic damage, but the restaurant could be closed for up to a week.

Fire Chief Christopher Ackley said the crack in the pipe was probably caused by the cold weather.

The Dressing Room restaurant, open since October, is housed in two former barns. It is co-owned by Newman, 82, star of films including "The Color of Money," "Cool Hand Luke," "Hud" and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."