Burt Reynolds On Chevy Chase, "Making It" in Hollywood and 'The Last Movie Star'

Director Adam Rifkin says the chemistry between Reynolds and Chevy Chase was immediate and obvious: "I just let the cameras roll and everything you see just came up naturally. It was beautiful.”

Creating The Last Movie Star was a dream come true for director Adam Rifkin, a self-proclaimed “Burt Reynolds fanboy.” He told The Hollywood Reporter, “Burt Reynolds is my hero and has been my hero since I was 10 years old.”

While creating the script for The Last Movie Star, Rikfin explained how he specifically wrote the role of the aging movie star Vic Edwards for Reynolds, telling the actor’s manager, “Please tell Burt if Burt doesn’t want to play this film, I’m not making it.” 

Reynolds ultimately loved the script and jumped on board with the cast that includes Modern Family’s Ariel Winter, Clark Duke and Chevy Chase. Rifkin called Reynolds and Chase’s chemistry on set “magic,” saying, “The two of them on set together, it was magic. Once they met, once they started joking around with each other, they went off script, had hilarious ad libs — it was gold. I just let the cameras roll and everything you see just came up naturally. It was beautiful.”

Reynolds, who had never met Chase prior to film, raved about Rifkin’s casting choices, telling THR, “He’s casted beautifully, the people that are in it. I’m in love with Chevy Chase. I hate to admit it on national television.”  

Reynolds, whose acting credits date back to the late 1950s, reflected on the feeling of “making it” in Hollywood and gave some wise advice to fellow actors.

“You can never think you’ve made it. If you think that then you’re in deep quicksand,” he said. “But if you think you’re on the way to doing good things, that’s a good thing. I think I’m old enough that I’m on the way because I can’t go back now. It’s too late.” 

The Last Movie Star is now in theaters in Los Angeles and New York, and streaming on all platforms, including DIRECTV. Visit here for more info.