Busan 2012: Download THR's Day 5 'Daily'

Cinema Center
Coop Himmelblau

The ceiling of the new Cinema Center is covered by an elaborate system of monitors that can display full-motion graphics.

In day five of THR's Busan Festival Daily, Fox International reteams with Hong Kong directors Tony Chan and Wing Shya, Iranian director Moshen Makhmalbaf travels to Israel to film the BIFF entry "The Gardener" and the Indonesian film sector thrives despite setbacks.

Fox International Reteams With Tony Chan, Wing Shya

FOX INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS is working on its third Chinese-language film with the two Hong Kong directors who generated $33 million with their two previous collaborations with the company.

Tony Chan and Wing Shya are preparing a follow-up to Hot Summer Days (2010) and Love in Space (2011), said Sanford Panitch, president of the Hollywood studio’s foreign-language filmmaking arm. While the pair’s previous two outings were relation- ship dramas, the new project "will not be a romantic comedy," Panitch told The Hollywood Reporter after his appearance as a panelist at the Asian Film Market’s seminar on international co-productions.

Iranian Director Promotes Tolerance With 'The Gardener'

THE IDEA OF an Iranian director making a film in Israel is, itself, already very extraordinary. For the filmmaker to once have been a zealous Islamist only makes the prospect more astonishing.

But that’s basically the back-story of Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s The Gardener: the 55-year-old director was once a fundamentalist rebel during the times of the U.S.-backed Pahlevi dictatorship.

Indonesian Cinema Matures Despite Setbacks

FROM A GLOBAL perspective, 2012 has been a banner year for Indonesian
cinema, with more international box office success and festival circuit exposure than in any year prior. But local insiders and Indonesian filmmakers paint a more mixed picture of their film industry’s prospects.

"It's safe to say the Indonesian film scene is currently split between two contradicting sentiments: one of gratefulness, due to our recent achievements abroad; but also pessimism, because of decreasing domestic box office figures for local films and a lack of government initiative," says Adrian Jonathan, a staff researcher for the Indonesian film archive, Konfiden Foundation.

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