Busan 2012: Download THR's Day 7 'Daily'

Cinema Center
Coop Himmelblau

The ceiling of the new Cinema Center is covered by an elaborate system of monitors that can display full-motion graphics.

In day 7 of THR's Busan Festival Daily, director Choi Dong-hoon discusses his South Korean blockbuster "The Thieves," the North Korean romantic comedy "Comrade Kim Goes Flying" gets made without any government interference and we look at three exotic post-fest getaways.

Director Q&A: Choi Dong-hoon

SINCE HIS DEBUT with The Big Swindle in 2004, South Korean director Choi Dong-hoon has remained steadfastly committed to a
core set of themes: gambling, duplicity and urban crime. His latest, the heist caper, The Thieves, has so far sold 13.02 million tickets at the South Korean box office, making it the most-watched Korean film ever. A story of Chinese and Korean master criminals set mostly in Hong Kong and Macau, the film is readying for theatrical release in the U.S. and Canada on Friday. The 42-year old director spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his challenges writing for women, the pressures of directing The Thieves and why a stint in Hollywood might be on
the horizon.

North Korean Production Breaks New Ground

WHILE IT’S THE first film made in North Korea with Western investment in 30 years, Comrade Kim Goes Flying does not signal a new sense of openness for the world’s most isolated nation, said co-director Nick Bonner.

“I don’t think anything’s changed,” said Bonner, who helmed the film with Anja Daelemans and Kim Gwang-hun. “It’s been a long process. And I hope they’ve learned from the experience. They’ve made a new type of film, and it’d be interesting to see how they react to that.”

3 Post-BIFF Escapes

BUSAN IS ASIA’S top festival — but it’s also half the world away from the major film centers of the West. So before you leave the hemisphere, why not stop off at one of Asia’s world-beating vacation destinations? From private atolls, to Thai meditation caves, here are three of the industry’s favorite exotic getaways for rejuvenation in the Far East.

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