Busan 2012: Download THR's Day 3 'Daily'

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In day three of THR's Busan Film Festival daily, Martin Scorsese reteams with Iranian director Bahaman Ghobadi, remake fever hits the Asian film sector and controversial director Chung Jiyoung hopes to influence the upcoming South Korean presidential election with his latest release, 'National Security.'

Martin Scorsese, Bahman Ghobadi Reteam for 60 Seconds of Us

SET IN NEW YORK and Iran, a script for the film, which will be about “the conflict between Iranians and Kurds,” Ghobadi says, is being worked on now. Ghobadi will be scouting locations in the Kurdish regions of southern Turkey to stand in for Iran. Scorcese is executive producer of the film; the two previously worked together on Rhino Season, which is screened as a gala presentation at the BIFF. 


South Korea’s Answer to Ocean’s Eleven: The Thieves

RELEASING STATESIDE ON October 12, Choi Dong-hoon's heist film is tricked up with 10 fully developed A-list characters, drawing comparisons to the American blockbuster. But perhaps giving the story a modern note, the actresses in Dong-hoon's screenplay get equal time and respect as pros in the daring field of casino theft. Hitting 13 million domestic admissions, The Thieves has become the most-watched Korean film of all time.


Remakes Flood the Asian Film Market

TAKING A CUE FROM Hollywood's audience-pulling sequels and threequels, Asian producers are rebooting their 1980s and '90s hits for a chance at striking box office gold twice. The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Tsui Hark's 3D interpretation of his 1992 hit film, New Dragon Gate Inn, set the precedent when it grossed $89 million at the box office this year. Tsui hopes to do it again with a 3D remake of 1960s Tracks of a Snowy Forest. Meanwhile Jacob Cheung will helm a 3D version of 1992's box office smash The Bride with White Hair.


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