Busan: Director Kim Ki-duk to Award $10,000 for Guessing Film Fact

AP Images
Kim Ki-duk

The South Korean filmmaker vows he won't submit his next film to the local rating board


South Korean director Kim Ki-duk will hand out some $10,000 (10 million won) to anyone who figures out the real-life incident that inspired his latest film One on One.

"One on One is based on an incident that took place in recent years menacing democratic rights, but nobody — no film critic or journalist — has written a film review mentioning it. I will give 10 million won to anyone, even if it's an Internet user, who makes a close guess," Kim said during a stage interview Sunday at the 19th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

One on One is about seven mysterious shadows rounding up seven suspects in connection with a girl's murder. The Venice Golden Lion-winner's most overtly political film to date, it opened in local theaters earlier this year before showing at the Venice and Toronto film festivals.

"When I make movies I think I always take a cue from … how warm or how cold the society that we live in is. In Pieta, characters are hurt by money in a capitalistic society. We see how money changes people's personalities all the time around us, don't we?" he said.

Kim said he hopes to explore the idea of "people 'consuming' each other to live" in his next film. He announced, however, that he won't be submitting it to the Korean Film Rating Board, which ruled a de facto ban on Moebius last year. The film eventually hit local theaters after undergoing edits. He would have to find an alternative way to show his upcoming movie.