Busan: Download THR's Day 4 'Daily'

In day 4 of THR's Busan Festival Daily, South Korea sets its sights on China's booming film market, Irish director Jim Sheridan says global filmmaking is in a state of transition and Cambodian auteur Rithy Panh discusses surviving the Khmer Rouge.

South Korea Taps China Film Boom

Long before the Chinese market boom began attracting the global film industry's attention, South Korean entertainment giant CJ Entertainment had a head start in launching the country's largest cinema chain, CGV, there.

Jim Sheridan: 'We're in a Transitional Period for Cinema'

Irish director Jim Sheridan hailed the Busan International Film Festival in supporting independent cinema, but said technological changes provided a major challenge for filmmakers. "Each industrial advance simplifies the medium and makes it, in some ways, less interesting. If I go on the Internet now I can get my films for free. … There is the tsunami of the modern Internet, which me and the Directors Guild try to fight," said the director of My Left Foot and In The Name of the Father.

Q&A: Rithy Panh

Busan's Asia Filmmaker of the Year discusses his Cannes award winner The Moving Picture, surviving the Khmer Rouge and how films are like memories. This year, Panh's latest film and 12th feature overall, The Missing Picture, won the top prize in the Cannes Film Festival's Un Certain Regard sidebar

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