Busan Film Festival Bosses to Resign After This Year's Edition

2015 Busan Asian Film Market 1 - H 2015
Courtesy of Busan International Film Festival

Staff has criticized chairman Kim Dong-ho and festival director Kang Soo-yeon.

The two leaders of the Busan Film Festival said Tuesday that they will be stepping down following this fall's edition of the event amid debate and questions about their leadership.

"Chairman Kim Dong-ho and festival director Kang Soo-yeon have decided to take responsibility for recent events and resign from their posts," a statement from the festival said. "However, they firmly believe that this year's festival must be held. And so they have decided to leave the festival on Oct. 31 after doing their best to host the event, which is less than two months away."

The fest takes place Oct. 12-21.

"Lastly, we hope members of the film community and citizens will provide their unwavering support and participation for the success of this year's festival," the statement said.

Staff had criticized the two leaders for not communicating well and not standing up to the city government, which had pushed out the former festival director.