Buscemi retells Van Gogh pic


Producers Bruce Weiss and Gijs van de Westelaken hope to announce the first major sales of "Interview," the Steve Buscemi directed American remake of Theo van Gogh's low budget film, by the end of next week.

The first screening of Interview caused major traffic jams at the Cinemaxx when the film premiered Tuesday night.

At the press conference on Tuesday, Buscemi said that he shot the $1.8 million production in just nine days. "Still, Theo did it in five using three cameras all the time," he said. The editing, however, took some nine months.

The respect the slain Dutch director showed for his actors was one of the reasons Buscemi took on the project. "If Theo had been able to do it, as was his big wish, I would happily have taken the leading role," Buscemi said. "His work is so character-driven."

The director plays the political journalist Pierre, who with little enthusiasm interviews a bimbo-type actress played by Sienna Miller. Buscemi had not seen Miller acting before. He cast her on the bases of an electronic presskit for one her latest films.

It was Van Gogh's deepest wish to do the remake himself. The director was seriously considering a career in American film. According to his screenwriter Theodoor Holman, he had offered the lead female role in "Interview" to Madonna and Jennifer Anniston.