The Busy Executive's Guide to Summer Gossip

Do you know how to make beach small talk beyond business? Use THR's quick primer to sound smart and up-to-date.

THE STORY: Twilight's Kristen Stewart is caught cheating on boyfriend/co-star Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Why it's Huge: Twilight fans want the stars to be together in real life. And Stewart and Sanders both issued oddly public mea culpas. The Takeaway: Summit is praying her apology ("i love him, i love him.") assuages fans before November's final film.

THE STORY: The mother of Michael Jackson, Katherine, disappears briefly amid questions about who's watching Michael's three kids. Why it's Huge: A mystery (Katherine surfaced in Arizona, but her reps suggested she didn't consent to the trip) plus America's ongoing fascination with the Jacksons. The Takeaway: Katherine and grandson t.J. will share custody of Paris, Prince and Blanket. But for how long?

THE STORY: Fans of Madonna boo and riot in France when she ends a concert after just 45 minutes. Why it's Huge: On a tour packed with crass shock tactics, the singer, 53, also showed a picture of a far- right French politician with a swastika on her face. The Takeaway: It's much harder to get attention these days. She blamed the riot on "a few thugs," but don't expect Madonna to apologize.


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