Busy Philipps Says She's "Embarrassed" by Audition for Quentin Tarantino

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"This business sucks and enables predators," the actress tweeted on Monday.

Actress Busy Philipps took to Twitter on Monday night to call out director Quentin Tarantino, who is currently embroiled in controversy after a New York Times report detailing a car crash suffered by star Uma Thurman on the set of his 2003 film Kill Bill as well as resurfaced audio, also from 2003, of the director defending Roman Polanski in an interview with Howard Stern.

"FUCK THIS GUY," Philipps captioned a tweet linking to a Jezebel story containing audio of Tarantino's interview with Stern. The actress went on to say she was "embarrassed that I ever auditioned for him." Philipps did not specify for what film she auditioned, but she did note that it was 10 years ago and that she "showed up in SHORT SHORTS AND FLIP FLOPS as requested because I WANTED THE JOB." 

In addition to the car crash detailed in the Times report, Thurman also recalled experiences where Tarantino spit in her face for a scene and choked her with a chain in another. The filmmaker later defended himself in an interview with Deadline, saying that he had gotten permission from the actress to do so. 

Philipps also addressed these claims in her tweets, writing, "Like fucking spiting on an actresses face and choking her wasn't enough. Fuck this guy. Fuck anyone who works with him. I'm embarrassed that I ever auditioned for him. Fuck him." She then went on to address Hollywood in general, tweeting, "This business sucks and enables predators and FUCKING ENOUGH."

Philipps concluded her tweets on the subject with a call for a better future for her young daughters and an admonishment of Tarantino and Polanski: "Ok. Sorry. I have to go put my two girls to bed and pray that they they get to grow up in a world where drugging and raping a child at 13 isn't laughed off in a radio interview 'because she wanted it."