Everyone But Selena Gomez Looked Like a Slob at the 'Hotel Transylvania 2' Photocall

Kevin James and Adam Sandler, who wore shorts and sweatpants, make us all uncomfortable with a photo that perfectly illustrates red-carpet double standards.

While promoting Hotel Transylvania 2 in Cancun, Mexico last Sunday, Selena Gomez arrived at the photocall looking stunning in a two-piece red silk ensemble by Katie Ermilio. The 22-year-old busted out her best red-carpet tricks, including killer hair and makeup and a pair of strappy gold Christian Louboutins. It was, after all, a photocall.

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The only problem? Her co-stars, Kevin James and Adam Sandler, didn't seem to get the memo, showing up at the Ritz-Carlton Cancun in shorts and sweatpants accessorized with a baseball cap and tennis shoes. 

As Yahoo Style pointed out, the photo of the men and women at the photocall illustrates the sexist double standard that has been the hot topic in Hollywood lately. Had Gomez (or Fran Drescher, for that matter, who rocked a strapless LBD and cage heels at the event) arrived in sweats and no makeup, with her luscious locks tucked up under a baseball cap, she would have surely made headlines — for better or for worse.

And while yes, funny men James and Sandler have a reputation for eschewing dress codes as part of their "relatable" personas, the very fact that they have the option to show up to a photocall looking like they've just rolled out of bed — with zero repercussions — further proves the point of the double standard. 

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This year alone, several of Hollywood's leading ladies have stood up in the face of the red-carpet sexism, including Reese Witherspoon and Amy Poehler, who vocalized their support of the #AskHerMore campaign. Additionally, stars like Julianne Moore and Elisabeth Moss refused to participate in the red-carpet Mani Cam, which Moore referred to as "humiliating." Following the Cannes #flatgate controversy at the festival last month, Emily Blunt and Rashida Jones also voiced their anger over the requirement that women wear heels to premieres.