Buyers to Be Offered Botox Injections at Passion Distribution's MIPTV Breakfast

The distributors of LOGO TV's 10-part reality series 'Pretty Hurts' will offer the treatment as part of promotions for the new show.

LONDON -- Buyers at Passion Distribution's MIPTV breakfast will be offered more than just coffee and a croissant when they turn up to a MIPTV breakfast. The distributors of LOGO TV's 10-part reality series Pretty Hurts, featuring Rand Rusher,will be offering free Botox injections administered by the beauty specialist as part of promotions for the new show.

"We're really excited," said Passion chief executive Sally Miles, of the "Breakfast and Botox" event they will hold in the Palais De Festivals in Cannes April 4.

"Rand will arrive in scrubs and over breakfast he will be giving consultations," she said.

People keen to sign up and will be able to have the procedure later at a "discreet appointment" at a nearby treatment suite, said Miles.

Rusher, a registered RN and co-founder of Beverly Hills skincare specialist Leaf & Rusher fronts Pretty Hurts, the reality series that goes behind the scenes at a botox clinic, featuring stars like Janice Dickinson and Felicity Huffman.

Miles said she didn't think there were any risks involved in the procedure.

"I think, to be honest, having botox is not something people shy away from anymore. Rush wouldn't be doing anything that put people at risk," she said. "The injections will be given in a sterile environment away from the Palais itself. It has to be safer than a back street or even high street injector that doesn't have the reputation or track record."