Buzz, Buzz: 'Toy' will be a Dis double


Disney will release Pixar Animation Studios' "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" as a digital 3-D double feature for a two-week engagement starting Oct. 2.

On Tuesday at ShoWest, the studio also wowed delegates with a preview of "Up" — which looks poised to be another big hit for Pixar — and an enthusiastically received new 3-D conversion of 1991 classic "Beauty and the Beast," the only animated feature to receive an Academy Award nomination for best picture.

During a 3-D slate presentation, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group president Mark Zoradi asserted that "3-D is here to stay" and restated the studio's commitment to making quality, commercial 3-D films.

Seventeen Disney-announced titles are scheduled for release in the format, and the studio has stated plans to produce all CG animated movies in 3-D.

The 3-D "Toy Story" double feature will include an extra-dimensional trailer for "Toy Story 3," which opens June 18, 2010. The 1995 "Toy Story" — the first computer-animated feature — and its 1999 sequel have been remastered for the format.

Opening May 29, "Up" is Pixar's 10th animated feature and its first to be released in 3-D. (partialdiff)