BVI Germany inks mobile marketing pact


COLOGNE, Germany -- Buena Vista International in Germany has signed a long-term deal with Berlin-based mobile marketing group YOC to develop film marketing campaigns for Internet and mobile phone applications, the two companies announced Monday.

The deal will primarily focus on German Web site, where local film fans can download trailers, games and ringtones connected to recent or upcoming BVI releases. YOC also is working on a system to allow users to order movie tickets online and pay via their mobile phone bill.

In addition, Buena Vista will work with YOC to develop mobile marketing campaigns to accompany its German releases. YOC already helped create the German Internet and mobile campaigns for BVI's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" and "Cars."

"We see the expansion of our digital offerings as a strategic investment with a long-term effect, so we are shifting our (marketing) budgets from classic media to digital channels," said Thomas Menne, deputy managing director of BVI Germany. "We see a change in the user behavior of film fans and a trend toward more entertainment formats for mobile phones."

BVI's mobile marketing deal is the first of its kind for a major distributor in Europe.