'By the Sea' Trailer: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Play Unhappy Couple

The film marks the first time the married couple have starred together in a movie since 2005's 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith.'

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt play an unhappily married couple in the first trailer for By the Sea, the first movie they've starred in together since 2005's Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

The film follows an American writer, Roland (Pitt), and his wife, Vanessa (Jolie), who deal with a crisis in their marriage while staying at a peaceful seaside resort in 1970s France. The preview begins with somber music and few words as Pitt and Jolie's husband and wife arrive at a hotel. He struggles to write while she cries and stares off into the distance.

About 30 seconds in, though, as Vanessa walks by the sea, a voiceover from Pitt hints at trouble beneath the surface.

"Are we ever going to talk about it?" Roland is heard asking. "Do you hate me?"

Vanessa replies, "You know my reason."

Clips show the two of them physically fighting one another, with Roland telling Vanessa to "hurt" him.

Jolie wrote, directed and produced the movie for Universal, which is releasing the drama on Nov. 13. The film, for which Jolie is using her married name, "Jolie Pitt," marks her directorial follow-up to 2014's Unbroken.

“This is a story about a relationship derailed by loss, the tenacity of love and the path to recovery and acceptance,” said Jolie of the film in a statement when its release date was announced. "It has been a privilege to explore these universal human experiences with such a generous and talented cast and crew.”