CAA called up as Yankee pitcher


CAA has signed a deal to help bring in a big-time corporate sponsor to the New York Yankees for the new Yankee Stadium that will open in 2009.

The sponsorship, which CAA will broker, will be associated in an unprecedented manner with the Yankees, probably the world's most famous and lucrative sports franchise. It will include but not be limited to a major presence at the new venue, though it will remain named Yankee Stadium.

"It's more elements than the Yankees have ever offered before," said Howard Nuchow, co-head of CAA Sports.

Nuchow wouldn't be specific about the range of assets or what other kinds of projects CAA and the Yankees are going to work on, but he said it would be extensive and creative.

"This is a big collection of Yankee assets, and it won't be limited just to things you do inside the park," he said.

CAA's sports unit, led by Nuchow with co-heads Mike Levine and David Rone, already has a sponsorship partnership with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Levine has sold sponsorship packages to major league teams as president of Van Wagner Sports, and other CAA executives have naming rights deals under their belts.