CAA Promotes 22 Trainees at Annual Retreat

Courtesy of CAA

The agency is away at La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, Calif.

CAA has promoted 22 trainees at its annual retreat at La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, Calif.

A list of their new positions at the agency is below.

New motion picture agents:

- Chen Jing, talent, based in Beijing
- Avi Wasserman, talent, based in Los Angeles

New television agents:

- Matthew Chazen, alternative, based in New York
- Ishmael Hinson, media talent, based in Los Angeles
- Wilhelmina Ross, TV literary, based in Los Angeles

New comedy touring agents, all based in Los Angeles:

- Christian Amechi
- Andy Farag
- Mark Gordon

New music agents:

- Bradlee Banbury, based in London
- Logan Handelsman, based in Nashville
- Shirin Nury, based in Los Angeles
- Will Scott, based in New York
- Juliet Teicher, based in New York

In CAA Sports:

- Arlesha Amazan, agent in basketball division, based in Miami
- Nick Thimm, executive in property sales group, based in New York

New CAA Marketing executives:

- Chelsea Gosnell, based in Los Angeles
- Erin Heyns-Stern, based in New York
- Chloe McHugh, based in Los Angeles
- Lingie Park, based in Los Angeles
- Peter Skrumbis, based in Los Angeles

And new executives:

- Adam Friedman, Global Client Strategy
- Katherine Moncrief, Corporate Development

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