CAA, Revver in partnership for viral video


CAA is forging formal ties with Revver, the online video company that offers advertising-revenue splits with content creators.

CAA is expected to bring marketing opportunities and talent to the Web site, which has cut a distinctive figure in the anarchic viral-video world by compensating contributors through its syndication technology. The partnership is not exclusive to either company.

"CAA has an immense set of relationships with creators, and Revver can offer them a wonderful opportunity to give those creators tools and services to expand their opportunities online," Revver founder Steven Starr said.

"For clients who have traditionally created offline content and for those who have created content specifically for the Web, Revver's copyright-friendly service allows artists to retain control of their work while introducing it to new worldwide audiences and generating revenue," CAA's Michael Yanover said.

The CAA-Revver connection already has begun yielding such collaborative efforts as the addition of user-generated content to horror-movie news site and a shortform filmmaking competition from Independent Feature Project. Both Fangoria and IFP are clients of CAA.

The deal could provide an online home for any number of clients at the agency, which experimented in the viral-video space with LonelyGirl15, a series of shorts that exploded in popularity on YouTube. Presented as the work of a teenage amateur filmmaker, LonelyGirl15 was later revealed to be a CAA-backed professional venture with aspirations of landing a feature-film deal.

LonelyGirl15 has since moved to Revver as well, though that deal was not secured through the CAA partnership.

Revver has CAA ties within its management ranks. Former television agent David Tenzer left CAA this year to become vp media partnerships at Revver.

Revver's biggest success to date has been "The Diet Coke-Mentos Experiments," which yielded 2.5 million streams and revenue for both the site and its creators,, which announced a separate deal last week with Google Video, the Internet giant's first sponsorship of user-generated content.