CAA Signs Star Baby Ariel (Exclusive)

Ariel Martin - Publicity - H 2016
Courtesy of CAA

Ariel Martin - Publicity - H 2016

Fifteen-year-old Ariel Martin is the most-followed creator on the popular video social network.

CAA has signed one of the internet's biggest new stars. 

The agency has inked a deal with Ariel Martin, who in less than a year captured audiences on video-based social network to become the most followed person on the platform. Fifteen-year-old Martin, who goes by the online named Baby Ariel, has 13 million subscribers on the popular lip-synching app. She has also expanded her fan base to YouTube, where she has nearly 2 million subscribers, and Instagram, where she has more than 4 million followers. 

Martin's videos, in which she sings and dances along to popular pop songs, regularly receive hundreds of thousands of hearts, the app's equivalent of likes, and thousands of comments. She has also begun to give fans a glimpse into her life, including a recent video in which her dad teaches her how to drive. Her YouTube channel, meanwhile, features vlogs and comedy videos. 

Martin recently headlined DigiTour Summer's 28-city U.S. tour. She received a 2016 Teen Choice Award in the choice muser category and is nominated for two Streamy Awards, the winners of which will be handed out Oct. 4. 

CAA will represent Martin in all areas. She continues to be managed by Patrick Zielinski and Jessica Kelm at Collab and attorney Charlotte Towne at Charlotte Towne P.A.