CAA's Michael Kives Exits to Launch Media-Finance Company

Michael Kives attends the 2018 Breakthrough Prize at NASA Ames Research Center  -Getty-H 2018
Jesse Grant/Getty Images

K5 Global "will provide advisory and operational services for companies across media, sports, technology, finance, politics and a variety of other industries."

CAA agent Michael Kives is exiting the company to launch K5 Global, a global media and financial services advisory firm for corporations, governments, startups and investors.

Kives — whose clients included Bruce Willis, Jesse Eisenberg and Eric Stonestreet — and the new company “will provide advisory and operational services for companies across media, sports, technology, finance, politics and a variety of other industries,” it was announced Monday. K5 will offer a network of resources and expertise across sectors.

“Michael Kives is an absolute original,” CAA president Richard Lovett said in a statement. “Because of his incredible instincts and unique ability to connect people, he has created a vast network that will help to provide growth and opportunity for anyone fortunate enough to work with him.”

Said powerhouse investor Warren Buffett: "I have known Michael for 10 years and he is one of the most creative and well-connected professionals in his space. Michael knows the worlds of finance, media, technology and popular culture and has an unusual understanding of how those industries will intersect and develop in the future.”

Added Snap CEO Evan Spiegel: "I deeply respect and admire Kives. He is a valued advisor and I appreciate his ability to think creatively and develop unique opportunities."

Kives had ties to both the entertainment world and the political one. Prior to spending 15 years at CAA, he worked for former President Bill Clinton and also for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Washington office. In recent years, he has married the two by becoming a player in the Democratic fundraiser scene in Los Angeles and has hosted events at his Hollywood home.