Cable News Hosts Give Clues About Anthony Weiner Coverage Through Twitter

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Anthony Weiner

See what Anderson Cooper, Greta Van Susteren and Piers Morgan, among others, said after the New York representative confessed that the semi-nude photos were in fact sent by him.

After New York representative Anthony Weiner acknowledged in a press conference on Monday afternoon in New York that the controversial Twitter photos were in fact sent by him, the cable news hosts took to the web to voice their first reactions -- and tease their programming for the night.

Piers Morgan Tonight host Piers Morgan tweeted: "Never has my Twitter profile quote seemed more appropriate....#weinergate." Morgan's quote was: "One day you're the cock of the walk, the next a feather duster."

Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren wrote a short blog post, saying, "Of course it is sort of hard not to think, ‘what is wrong with some people?’ Why do some who seem to have it all just throw it away? Demean themselves? Send weird stuff to others who have not asked to recieve [sic] weird stuff?."

Van Susteren continued, asking, "Congressman Weiner now admits to very bad behavior and lying. So now what? Do we forgive him? If yes, what does that mean to forgive him? Should he resign? Has he lost his effectiveness as a Congressman or is this only a matter for his constituents and not the rest of us?"

CNN's John King took to Twitter, asking, "Why did @RepWeiner do it? @drdrew .. weighs in on this sexting scandal." King also teased that James Carville and Paul Begala, who advised Bill Clinton during his crisis, would be appearing on John King, USA to discuss what they would be advising Weiner to do.

HLN host Joy Behar took it a step further, asking whether Weiner's scandal would affect his "chances of becoming NYC mayor."

Anderson Cooper, anchor of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, said on Twitter that Weiner's teary newser was "pretty stunning." After writing that Weiner's full statement would be played, Cooper asked the obvious question: "Can Rep. Anthony Weiner remain in office? What do you think?"

Anchor of 9News@9 Kyle Clark had this to say: "My takeaway from #Weinergate press conference: At least his wife has the self-respect not to trot out & stand @ his side." The similarities to CBS' The Good Wife, which centers on the wife of a politician caught in a sex scandal, are apparent.

And one has to wonder what Daily Show host Jon Stewart will be saying (if anything), after defending Weiner.