Cable Show 2012: Verizon, Comcast to Launch New Video Venture

Verizon Logo - H - 2011

Called "Viewdini," the portal will allow mobile users to aggregate, search and access videos.

BOSTON – Verizon Wireless is launching Viewdini, a new portal for mobile users to aggregate, search out and get delivery of all kinds of video content, in association with Comcast Cable, it was announced Tuesday at the opening general session of the NCTA convention by Dan Mead, president of Verizon Wireless.

Mead said they have worked several years to create this new method of finding and using video on their high-speed network as a result of “the desire of consumers to be able to absorb any video on any device they want any time they want.”

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“As content becomes more mobile and people want to consumer in different places,” said Neil Smit, president of Comcast Cable, “it’s all about discovery and getting the content to where people want to consume it.”

Filmmaker and actor Edward Burns, who was on the opening panel as well, praised the plan. “It’s indicative of the changes in the media landscape,” said Burns. “The audience has changed. They aren’t nostalgic for the way we consumed entertainment.”