Cable TV Goes Live for Donald Trump Rally Hysteria

Donald Trump in FL GETTY - H 2016
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The GOP candidate's Chicago rally was called off due to security concerns.

Cable channels went live on Friday evening to tune in to the chaos that ensued at Donald Trump's canceled Chicago rally.

Crediting safety concerns, Trump called off the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion event just hours before it was set to begin. Protesters were packed into the arena where it was set to take place, but there was no sign of Trump inside the arena on the college campus, according to the AP.

CNN, MSNBC and Fox News were among cable networks that tuned into the live event to cover the hysteria that erupted at the rally, including yelling, pushing and fist fights. Trump's recent rallies and events have been plagued by violence against protesters by both security and attendees, and the GOP candidate has been called out for seemingly encouraging the crowds' anger. 

At one rally last week, he egged on his supporters against a protester, reported the Associated Press, saying, "Get him out. Try not to hurt him. If you do I’ll defend you in court," adding later, "Are Trump rallies the most fun?"

Hillary Clinton tweeted about the recent incidents, saying ".@realDonaldTrump: condoning violence against protesters and press at your rallies is the real disgrace."

CNN reported that "Fistfights between Trump supporters and protesters erupted after Chicago rally canceled."

Trump commented on his decision to cancel his rally, telling CNN, "I think we did a good job tonight. I think a lot of people are giving us a lot of credit, that instead of going in, it would have been much easier to do, making a speech, perhaps having some major clashes." 

See videos and coverage from the networks below.