Basic Cable TV Shows Get Largest Share of California Tax Credits

Pretty Little Liars: 2/5/12 Still - H 2012
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The California Film Commission reveals the complete list of movies and TV shows selected to receive a share of the $100 million in annual tax credits; feature films get almost as much as basic cable TV shows.

Basic cable TV series were the biggest winners in the lottery held by the California Film Commission to determine which shows and movies would receive the $100 million in annual tax credits doled out to keep movie and TV production in California.

The lottery was held Friday, but the list of winners was revealed on Monday. The list is subject to change if any of the shows, picked at random by a CHP officer in the Hollywood office of the commission, do not get made or otherwise do not meet all of the criteria set by the state legislature.

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Last year, for instance, many of those who got the tax credits were not on the original list, but came up from the waiting list of those who did not make the initial cut. 27 projects were initially selected by 74 ultimately got credits, as many of the ones that moved up from the waiting list were required smaller amounts, so more were able to benefit.

The number of applications was up 83 percent from the prior year to 322, which was a record for the program since its inception in 2009. "Once again, the number of applications we received far exceeded our expectations," said California Film Commission Executive Director Amy Lemisch. "It's clear that despite fierce competition from other states and nations, the industry is eager to remain at home in California."

Ten TV series, dominated by basic cable shows like ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and TNT’s Rizzoli and Isles got 36 percent of the money allocated. Nine feature film projects -- split 46.5 percent to studio based projects and 53.5 percent to independently produced movie and TV shows -- receive 32 percent. Five independently produced movies for television or cable TV are to get 18 percent. Two network TV series that relocated to California from another state get 7 percent. One studio feature qualified and will get 3.5 percent. One independently produced mini-series made the cut and will get 3.5 percent of the credits.

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The commission estimates the qualifying projects will spend $683 million in California, including $265 million for wages. They estimate the movie and TV shows will employ 2,900 cast members, 2,800 crew members and 57,000 extras or stand ins.

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