Cablevision Launches Optimum App for iPad

Current Optimum cable TV customers will have access to hundreds of channels and video on demand.

Cablevision has launched the Optimum App for the iPad, which will allow its customers to experience iO TV digital cable on the iPad.

With access to approximately 300 channels and video on demand, the application will deliver a full cable television experience with the iPad functioning like a television.

“This application allows the iPad to function as a television, delivering the full richness and diversity of our cable television service to a display device in the home,” said Tom Rutledge, Cablevision’s chief operating officer. “It gives our customers the additional flexibility and convenience of watching television throughout the home, in places where set-top boxes might not be ideal or even practical, like the kitchen, bathroom or work room.  This is the future of Advanced Digital Cable televisions served with virtual set-top boxes, and just one of many digital displays we are going to be serving through a variety of applications."

Cablevision has the right to distribute programming over its cable system to iPads under existing distribution agreements with programming providers.

It is free to current Optimum cable TV customers. Customers do not need Internet access to use the Optimum App for the iPad.

Cablevision plans to unveil additional applications that deliver the same experience to other tablets and devices. It also is eyeing a summer launch for its remote control functionality in the Optimum App.