'Cage' fighters win Dutch battle


Controversial Dutch reality show "The Golden Cage," under attack from the nation's politicians, will almost certainly be gone by the end of the year, RTL Netherlands CEO Fons van Westerloo told the Dutch press Thursday.

The reality TV show, with a similar format to "Big Brother," features a group of people who commit to staying in a secluded, luxury villa for one year.

In the program, which was developed by Jon de Mol, participants are encouraged to bully, insult and annoy one another, and viewers vote to evict housemates. Whoever is left after a year wins €1 million ($1.4 million).

A few weeks ago Dutch politicians began protesting the growing violence in the program, which has seen contestants assaulting and even vomiting on each other. Dutch companies have been encouraged by members of parliament to avoid advertising on the show.

"Cage," already sold to U.S. broadcaster CBS, was a daily show on Tien, the former TV station owned by De Mol, who recently sold it to RTL Netherlands.

"Unless we have more than 1.5 million viewers, which I do not expect, the program will stop by December," Van Westerloo said.