'Cage' rattles Dutch viewers, pols


AMSTERDAM -- John de Mol's reality show "The Golden Cage," sold to U.S. broadcaster ABC, is prompting outrage among viewers and politicians in the Netherlands for its content.

Commercial broadcaster Tien, which airs the show in Holland, on Wednesday fined six inhabitants of the game show's villa €1,000 ($1,380) each for "outrageous behavior."

In the program, one female inhabitant was assaulted by three other women who half-undressed her. A male who tried to defend her was attacked by three other participants. Some viewers who saw the incident called the police for assistance.

This latest incident is part of the growing resentment in the Netherlands over "The Golden Cage." Several politicians have advised Dutch companies not to advertise during the show. Joop Atsma, Christian Democratic member of parliament, described the program, in which one participant vomited on other villa members, as "too disgusting for words."

"The Golden Cage" already faces an uncertain future -- De Mol sold Tien to RTL Netherlands last month, and RTL Netherlands CEO Fons van Westerloo said that the program will have to be radically changed if it is to remain part of his program schedule.
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