BBC Radio Host Apologizes for Referring to Caitlyn Jenner as "He"

Morning show host James Naughtie tweets that he was "a bit sloppy."

A BBC radio host has apologized for referring to Caitlyn Jenner as "he" during a popular show, which had drawn criticism on social media.

James Naughtie had discussed Jenner's new name and life as a transgender woman on BBC Radio 4’s Today morning program earlier in the week.

"Now, this is complicated," Naughtie said. "He used to be called Bruce but he’s now a woman. I realize some of you will never have heard of Kim Kardashian, let alone her stepfather, who was Bruce and is now a woman, but, anyway, they are very well known on television."

The BBC host continued by mentioning that Jenner had broken the world record for fastest-growing Twitter account of all time, reaching 1 million followers in about four hours. "There’s not a million people going on because they are interested in discussing transgender issues, surely," he said. "They are on it because he/she is a celebrity."

Some listeners criticized Naughtie on social media for calling Jenner "he." Said one Twitter user: "Not heard reporting that bad about a trans person in a long time, James Naughtie didn’t call her she once!" And another one wrote: "#bbcr4 can someone explain to Jim Naughtie what mis-gendering is."

Naughtie then also took to Twitter to apologize on Wednesday. "If Caitlyn Jenner wishes to be known as she, of course she’s entitled to that, and I’m sorry for saying 'he' on air," he wrote. "A bit sloppy."

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