Caitlyn Jenner Talks About Dating, Gay Marriage and Candis Cayne on 'Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Caitlyn Jenner makes her first talk show appearance since her transition.

Caitlyn Jenner sat down with Ellen DeGeneres for her first post-transition talk show appearance, in an interview airing on Tuesday Sept. 8 for The Ellen DeGeneres Show's 13th premiere.

Jenner talked about being politically conservative and the reservations she once had about same-sex marriage. She said that 15 or 20 years ago she "was not for" gay marriage.

"I mean I like tradition and it’s always been between a man and a woman and I’m thinking I don’t quite get it," said Jenner. "But as time goes on, like a lot of people on this issue, I’ve really changed thinking here to 'I don’t ever want to stand in front of anybody’s happiness. That’s not my job. Ok. If that word marriage is really, really that important to you I can go with it.' "

DeGeneres said it sounds like Jenner is still "a little not on board with it," and pointed out that the word marriage is important because it is about equality. Jenner said that she is on board.

The conversation turned to dating as DeGeneres pressed Jenner on whether she wants to date men or women. Jenner joked she "already [has] too many children" and said she is older and in a "different place in life." However, she admitted she would like to find a partner to share her life with at some point. 

"Right now I’m just very busy doing a lot of things and kind of just getting used to where I’m at and who I’m at," said Jenner. "As time goes on I’ll deal with that subject." DeGeneres addressed the Candis Cayne dating rumors by asking if her partner will be Candis.

"Actually Candis is backstage, but that’s a whole other deal," said Jenner. "Candis is great. We really have a lot a fun. She’s a beautiful women."

Watch the videos below to see their conversation, including a discussion about how Jenner used to wear bras and pantyhose under her suits while she lived as Bruce and cross-dress while traveling. Jenner will be speaking with Matt Lauer on The Today Show next week.