Caitlyn Jenner Hit With Second Lawsuit Over Fatal Crash

Caitlyn Jenner on E! - H 2015

Caitlyn Jenner on E! - H 2015

Jessica Steindorff, who was driving a Prius during the February accident, is suing for property damage and personal injury.

Caitlyn Jenner has been hit with a second lawsuit stemming from her alleged involvement in a fatal car crash in February.

Jessica Steindorff, the driver of the Prius that was allegedly rear-ended by Jenner's Cadillac Escalade, filed a suit Monday claiming that Jenner's "negligence" led to her lost wages, personal injury and more than $25,000 in property damage and medical fees. Steindorff's injuries are not specified in the suit.

According to police reports, Jenner rear-ended Kimberly Howe's Lexus, which was forced into opposing traffic, before Jenner's vehicle rear-ended Steindorff's Prius. Howe died on the scene, while Jenner sustained no injuries.

In May, Howe's stepchildren sued Jenner for wrongful death, claiming Jenner acted in a "negligent, reckless, careless and improper manner" and led to their "enormous damages and losses." Jenner has filed paperwork to dismiss the wrongful death suit. 

Jenner, who was known as Bruce at the time of the crash, stars in the E! series I Am Cait, premiering July 26.

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