Caitlyn Jenner Signs Copy of 'Vanity Fair' for Her Plastic Surgeon: "Great Job"

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Jenner and Dr. Harrison Lee posed for a photo in which they both held up the autographed magazine.

Caitlyn Jenner shared a special gift with one of her plastic surgeons.

Jenner signed a copy of the Vanity Fair issue that featured her on the cover, and she gave the autographed magazine to Dr. Harrison Lee, who operated on her.

"Great job," Jenner wrote on the cover. "Thank you so much."

Jenner and Lee posed for a photo of the two of them holding up the magazine, as its cover marked Jenner's unveiling moment. The pic was posted on an Instagram account belonging to one of Lee's co-workers.

Lee was responsible for Jenner's facial work, while Dr. Gary J. Alter was in charge of her body work. The doctors previously said they were honored to be part of Jenner's team and were pleased with the results of the procedures.

Jenner's upcoming E! series, I Am Cait, premieres July 26. The photo of Jenner and Lee can be seen below.


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