Caitlyn Jenner Was Inspired By Monica Lewinsky

In turn, Lewinsky talked about being moved by Jenner.

Buzz Bissinger revealed that Caitlyn Jenner drew inspiration from Monica Lewinsky in the weeks following Jenner's facial feminization surgery.

In a new Vanity Fair excerpt, Bissinger recalls sitting with Jenner at the kitchen counter, about two weeks after her surgery. "[She] had listened to Monica Lewinsky's powerful TED talk on what it is like to be the ceaseless target of cyber-ridicule," writes Bissinger. “The talk had struck a chord with Caitlyn because of the similarities with how she had been dealt with on the Internet."

Bissinger says Caitlyn sat down with him, using five pages of notes in their 40-minute conversation. "It dawned on me that she was going to give her version of a TED talk to an audience of one: me," writes Bissinger.

He adds, “My heart bled for Caitlyn. She was so earnest, trying so hard: you could feel the essential goodness in Caitlyn, and Bruce Jenner before her."

Lewinsky's TED talk focused on overcoming public shaming, and she shared her own anecdotes of being humiliated for her affair with President Bill Clinton. “Anyone who is suffering from shame and public humiliation needs to know one thing: You can survive it.”

When Jenner came out as Caitlyn on Vanity Fair, Lewinsky tweeted about how Jenner is rewriting her own story. She also said she was "moved" that Jenner was moved by her talk.