This Is Caitlyn Jenner's Go-To Bag Designer

Caitlyn Jenner with an Elisabeth Weinstock clutch

The other Jenner girls are also fans of L.A.'s Elisabeth Weinstock. Says the designer: "She knows what she likes and wears it well."

Since her Vanity Fair debut, Caitlyn Jenner has quickly solidified her reputation for sophisticated and on-trend fashion, rocking everything from glam white Versace to wrap dresses. Her accessories have been eye-catching as well.

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One of the most frequent labels popping up on her arm or in her hand these last few weeks: Elisabeth Weinstock handbags and clutches. According to the designer, Jenner says her daughter Kim Kardashian first told her about the label. Weinstock tells Pret-a-Reporter they then met last year when Keeping Up With the Kardashians filmed in her West Hollywood store.

"She chose bags that she purchased at the store for Kendall [Jenner], Kylie [Jenner] and herself," says Weinstock, whose favorite moment so far was seeing the Olympian carry her natural snakeskin clutch. Since then she’s helped Jenner choose pieces. "Yes, it’s been collaborative. I send her images and she chooses her favorites — she knows what she likes and wears it well," says the designer.

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Not only does Weinstock — who has collaborated in the past with Usher and Rihanna on custom items — like working with Jenner when it comes to fashion, but she’s gotten to know and respect her personally, too. "She is real, courageous and soulful: my favorite components that make up a person," she says. "I believe she has given all kinds of people in the world the courage they’ve dreamt of mustering up but never could. I say brava!"

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