Caleb Medley, Aurora Comedian and Shooting Victim, Gains National Spotlight (Video)

Uninsured and a new father, Medley has received support from fellow comedians as funds are raised online.

Caleb Medley's life was looking up: He was advancing to the next round of Denver's biggest amateur comedy contest, was married to his high school sweetheart and he was about to be a father. Then, he decided to go see a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

Settled in with his wife in a theater in Aurora, Colo., Medley was shot through the eye during the movie theater massacre that claimed the lives of 12 theatergoers and injured 57 others. Now he's in the hospital, having lost an eye and suffered brain damage, in a medically induced coma. His wife, Katie, is in the hospital as well -- on Tuesday morning, she gave birth to their son, Hugo Jackson Medley.

Medley's friend Michael West has put together a website to raise money for Caleb's family; even if he survives, the hospital bills could reach up to $2 million. He is currently uninsured.

"Caleb, Katie and Baby Hugo need your help," West writes on the site. "They need your prayers and good thoughts but unfortunately, they will also need financial assistance. These are hard times for everyone, but if you are here; you are here because you are interested in what happened to Caleb. You are here because you have a good heart ... If you are in financial stress and can only support Caleb through prayer or by sending him your good thoughts, thank you. If you are able to help financially, thank you for that, too. Any amount is helpful, even a dollar will help."

His case has become a cause for pro comedians, too: Many stars, such as Michael Ian Black and Todd Barry, have tweeted out on his behalf, including a link to Medley's donations page. The effort also was featured on CBS Evening News on Monday.