California gets some Perspective with ani studio


New York-area animation and motion capture house Perspective Studios is going bicoastal.

The company is opening a studio in Santa Monica to offer motion-capture services as well as feature film, TV, commercial and video game production. It also plans to develop intellectual property that could work across multiple platforms.

"We see Perspective Studios as a new breed of animation company that will thrive on creating end-to-end animation for publishing and production partners while also developing and co-producing our own stories," CEO Steven Lehrhoff said. "Our custom-built facility in L.A. is helping us reach this goal by augmenting our capabilities, team and geographic reach."

Perspective has a strong focus on motion capture, a technique of digitally recording an actor's movement that is experiencing increased usage as a basis for CG character creation. To service this market, the studio is outfitted with 50 Vicon F40 motion-capture cameras in a configuration for real-time, multiple-performer motion capture. The workflow includes Perspective's proprietary capabilities, developed to offer the ability to supervise live motion-capture sessions remotely with simultaneous live data feeds, and the use of virtual cameras and pre-vis environments to frame shots and actors in both marker-based and markerless motion-capture scenarios.

The team includes newly hired vp business development Tom Armbruster and Matthew Bauer, who has been named animation vp.

The studio recently completed motion capture for Rockstar Games' "Grand Theft Auto IV." (partialdiff)