Cambodian Theater Chain Cancels 'Furious 7' Promo Encouraging Illegal Street Racing

Legend Cinemas wanted people to send in photos of their speedometers clocking furious speeds.

A Cambodian theater chain was forced to cancel a competition launched to coincide with the release of Furious 7 after it encouraged entrants to break the speed limit, reports the Phnom Penh Post

Legend Cinemas' promotion wanted participants to take pictures of their speedometers hitting speeds well past the legal limit and post them to the company's Facebook page. 

The competition was canceled after earning a rebuke from Phnom Penh's traffic police and a backlash on Facebook within a day of its launch, with many users slamming the company for fueling reckless behavior. The Phnom Penh Post reports that on average six people die every day in Cambodia as a result of road traffic accidents, with 2,000 deaths annually attributable to speeding. 

Legend released a statement apologizing: “We do apologize for our Fast & Furious competition. It was a shame that we made it happen. Hope you do not mind and still support Legend Cinemas.”

Furious 7 has proved to be a hit around the world, earning a huge $384 million in its first week of release. 

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