Camelot launches genre division

DarKnight will acquire, distribute films worldwide

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Camelot Entertainment Group has launched DarKnight Pictures, a genre division that will acquire and distribute films for domestic and international markets, picking up flicks "Nude Nuns With Big Guns" and "Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf" as its first two releases.

At the same time, Camelot has set Dean Cain, Tito Ortiz, Peter Stormare and Marc Decascos in "The Fallen," an action thriller co-produced by Camelot to be directed by Rob Walker and produced by Grant Cramer and Erik Anderson. "Fallen" will be released by the company's just-created distribution unit, Camelot Distribution Group.

DarKnight and CDG are headed by newly appointed Jamie Thompson, who will oversee global sales and acquisitions.

Camelot chairman Robert Atwell said the DarKnight label is positioned to take advantage of the "exciting time" genre films are experiencing worldwide.

The two DarKnight titles are clearly aimed for the grindhouse crowd. "Nuns" centers on Sister Sarah, who is abused and drugged into submission by a corrupt clergy who, armed with God's will and an arsenal, dispenses Judgment Day on her tormentors.

"Samurai" follows a blind man who seeks revenge against a psychopath who took away his sight as well as the lives of his wife and daughter.

"Nuns," from the makers of "Run! Bitch! Run!," recently wrapped production, while "Samurai" is having its premiere screening at AFM on Saturday.

"Fallen," meanwhile, sees several mercenaries team up with a poacher on a rescue mission but end up battling a beast protecting a treasure.